We specialise in treating all types of chronic shoulder conditions including rotator cuff tears, shoulder arthritis, frozen shoulder, biceps pathology (inc SLAP tears) and shoulder instability and dislocations. We also treat all types of acute injuries including clavicle and humerus fractures, and AC joint injuries. Gayan is a keen arthroscopic (key-hole) and open shoulder surgeon, that can perform a wide-range of surgical procedures of the shoulder including joint replacements.

He is however a firm believer in the old adage- ‘a good surgeon not only knows how to operate but when to operate’. Sometimes surgery should be the first solution, but more often it is the last solution. So we will take the time to understand your problem, and tailor your treatment to best suit your needs based on the most up-to-date knowledge. Commonly this would mean trying a period of conservative options, and when surgery is recommended we will discuss with you other options that are available, so that you can make an informed decision.


We treat all types of adult and paediatric acute elbow injuries including humerus, olecranon, radial head fractures, elbow dislocations and tendon ruptures around the elbow (e.g. distal biceps); and chronic conditions such as tennis elbow that has failed conservative treatment measures, elbow stiffness and arthritis, and nerve issues around the elbow. Gayan is fellowship-trained in performing arthroscopic and open procedures around the elbow

Hand & Wrist

Gayan manages adult and paediatric hand and wrist injuries including fractures and dislocations as well as chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, base of thumb arthritis and De Quervain’s syndrome. He can perform a wide range of open and arthroscopic surgeries to address these problems.

Fast-Assessment Specialist Treatment Shoulder Clinic

Mr Padmasekara and Dr David Vivian (Interventional Pain Physician) founded the Fast Assessment Specialist Treatmet Shoulder Clinic (FAST-Shoulder), Melbourne’s only inter-disciplinary shoulder clinic. We believe in cohesive collaborations among experts in the shoulder, from different disciplines to offer our patients the best possible outcomes. The FAST-Shoulder clinic brings together an expert team including orthopaedic shoulder surgeon (Mr Padmasekara), interventional pain physician (Dr Vivian), sports medicine physician, rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist and psychologist. We believe that by working collaboratively we can strive to achieve the best results to even the most complex shoulder problems.

Our vision is grounded in a strong commitment to research. We design and run clinical trials to advance our knowledge in managing complex shoulder problems and to continue to improve outcomes for our patients. We can assess and treat all shoulder problems from the most basic to the most complex, and can tailor a treatment plan from a comprehensive suite of non-interventional and interventional treatment modalities.

Research & Teaching

Gayan is a committed researcher having published numerous scientific publications and has received grant funding from the Victorian Orthopaedic Association for his research. His current research is focused on understanding the role of the brain and nervous system in shoulder conditions. Having completed two Masters degrees, he is now undertaking further collaborative research with La Trobe University and Metro Pain Group.

He is also a committed teacher to junior doctors and budding Orthopaedic surgeons by working at Monash Health, involved in training the next generation of surgeons.